Franchise Costs

Driving Lessons Bristol

We believe in a fair franchise and try to keep our fee's competitive while maintaining true value for our team members.

Option 1

Weekly Franchise

Please remember this is more than just a pupil referral service so our franchise fee might seem higher than some but we believe in value for your money and our goal as a company is to always deliver great value for money services to both our instructors and pupils alike.

Everything that you have read on the previous page is included in this one price.

Full-time driving instructors franchise is less than 3 hours of lessons per week. Or to put it another way, you will need just 1.5 pupils a week to cover our franchise fee.

We even give you a good discount on the weekly fee's if you agree to have full Vehicle Graphics, paid for by ourselves. (Includes you own name on the car door) This is cheaper than without graphics because graphics on your car help us gain you work so much that we can afford to offer you a discount on your weekly fee's. 

After 12 months with the driving school you you be refunded 2 weeks franchise payments per year at a time of your choosing.

This increases to 3 weeks after 24 months with the driving school. After 48 months with the driving school you will be entitled to 4 weeks franchise free per calendar year.

We have a one month rolling contract to protect both you and the driving school and we have created our contract to be a fair contract designed around your needs as a driving instructor.

And if you do not have your first 10 pupils supplied by us, booked into your diary by your 6th week we Guarantee that we will refund 50% of your franchise fee's. (This is for all new starters but mainly applies to new areas we haven't previously covered. In our busy areas where we are fully established it has been known to have a full 40 hours of work in your first week) 

We currently run pupil waiting lists for several areas.

Because of the way we operate the business we are able to see if you are ever having difficulties with a shortage of work (Not that it has ever been a problem) And as such we do not demand weekly fee's if we can see that you were ever struggling. If in the unlikely hood we haven't provided you with enough work then we do not think it is fair to demand full weekly fee's from you. 

Our number one goal is keep happy productive instructors long term and at anytime needed we are here to help you.

Now included FREE accounts done by our registered company accountant.

A tuition vehicle can be provided for additional costs, Price will depend on what car you require etc. 

Please contact us for the latest tuition vehicle hire prices. 

Option 2

This option is for our One Week Intensive Driving Courses.

You get most of what is mentioned on the previous page included except for the DIA membership, free breakdown cover and the free accounting all of which is available at cost.

But the best thing about our intensive franchise is there is no weekly fee.

As an intensive instructor you will get paid a minimum rate of £24 per hour depending on which course they are doing and it will normally be for 6 hours per day. But you pay No Franchise Fee's

Your working hours will be based on Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm with two 30min breaks.

Your coverage area is negotiable but the larger an area you are willing to cover the better and after all once you pick the pupil up you will remain with that one pupil for the rest of that day.

No last minute cancellations, because deposits are taken upon booking and the full course fee's are payable directly to the driving school 7 full working days before the course is set to start it is extremely unlikely that the pupil will cancel the course.

Another plus, because there is often a wait for driving tests the courses we book for you are booked a month or so in advance so you can easily plan ahead knowing that you have a full diary of work in front of you.

Option 3

Franchise Associate

This option again means you have no fixed weekly fee's to pay. 

What you pay will depend on the amount of customers that are booked and confirmed in your diary.

We will then invoice you once a month with a full list of pupils that have been allocated and a charge for each pupil.

If you are full and can not accept new pupils then there will be no charge while you remain full.

Current rate for pupils is just £40.00 per pupil this covers any costs involved including card transaction fee's for the initial booking only. (This is a one off payment per pupil)

Our average two hour lessons are charged between £50 - £60 so with option 3 it means you get paid £20 for giving the first 2 hour lesson and that's your total cost for being an associate member of the team.

Please note, any additional over the phone payments after first payment will be chargeable at the standard Worldpay rates per transaction that we have to pay.

You will be required to use one of our company roof boxes while teaching any pupils supplied by us. Full car graphics can be supplied at cost if required.

This associate membership option does include one free CPD day per year of our choosing and full vehicle graphics and a roof sign. 

This option does not include any franchise holidays or the offer of your Green Badge renewal.

Nor does it include free accounting, Breakdown cover or DIA membership.

Business cards and other company stationary are supplied as requested at cost.

Company uniform can also be purchased at cost.

This is a great franchise if you want to be part of a team with the full support and back up of that team but only need a few pupils here and there and do not want to be paying our regular weekly fee's.

Driving School Franchise

Option 4

As option 1 above but with a dual control car and insurance provided by us.

Your personal name on the door.

Full company graphics to get you noticed and help maintain your local exposure.

Full service included on all 30,000 miles per year contracts.

All vehicles include front and rear Dash Cams which can be linked to your mobile device for easy play back. 

Both manual and automatic options available as well as the choice of petrol or diesel engines.

Free breakdown cover included

All in from just £185.00 per week dependable on car details, plus a refundable bond of £150.00 - Please contact us for a personalised quote.

Have a read below to see what some of our existing driving instructors have to say about our franchise and how we run things. 

Any of our instructor team members will be happy to speak to you if you have any doubts.

Driving Instructor Training Bristol

Before joining 2nd2None, I had looked at many other local and National driving schools and met several of them and found them lacking. After meeting James Orgar just once and listening to his pragmatic approach and the flexible franchise options he was offering instructors, I was sold. He still instructs. He is out there experiencing the problems that we face on a day to day basis and has devised the various solutions to support and provide the backing that is needed and he is a nice guy as well! My main issues were a long, expensive tie-in contract and the lack of good sales/marketing. At 2nd2None they have these both covered. The variety of franchise deals with tiny tie-in periods, would appeal to almost every instructor. The marketing is diverse and well targeted, including the use of social media. I was frankly over whelmed initially with the number of quality students that I was given and on many occasions since then, have actually had to ask the office to stop sending me new ones. The team in the office is well run, supportive, responsive and friendly. At 2nd2None they really do deliver. I have absolutely no plans to move, I’m happy.

Sue Squires ADI

If you would like to know more then please feel free to contact our customer support team on 0333 7729642 or you can email