How long will my training take

So how long will it take for you become a driving instructor

The time it takes you to qualify as a driving instructor depends on several factors.

1. Your DBS formally known as a CRB being clear and approved

2. Registration with the DVSA

3. Your availability for training

4. Your instructor trainers availability - We will work around your other commitments

5. The availability of DVSA tests

We expect you to take on average 3-6 months before you are allowed on the road to teach with a trainee licence. This will require you to pass your Part 1 Theory test, Part 2 Practical driving test and you will need to complete your 40 hours of instructor training with one of our trainers and your approval for the required trainee licence.

The trainee licence will last for 6 months from issue, in this time you will complete an additional 20 hours of training with a member of our training team and have at least one attempt at your Part 3.

In total you have two years from passing your Part 1 to complete all your training and pass the Part 3, this can be done in less that a year if you are committed.