Special Training Offer - Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Option 1 Terms & Conditions

Up to 70 hours of one to one training along with the option of a funded trainee licence.

The cost will be £1950 with £1000 refunded to you once you qualify as long as the following terms and conditions are met.

If you take advantage of the funded trainee instructor licence then you will be required to sign up to our PDI franchise, while you are on the trainee licence under our driving school. 

To receive your £1000 of fee's back once you have qualified as an ADI you will need to sign up to our driving school franchise for an additional 12 months from the start of your green ADI badge. 

The cost of the Green ADI Badge is not included.

You will have the option of receiving the back your fee's of £1000 in one lump sum, or you can use the £1000 for a discount on your weekly franchise fee's. 

While on the Trainee Licence you will be required to undergo an additional 20 hours of training and these hours will be payable at our standard training rate of £35.00 per hour.