Instructor Associate

Become part of our team

What would you say if you could have the full support and back up our driving school brand, a brand that creates trust for quality of customer service and driving tuition with potential customers, a brand that helps you come across as a true professional in your field. 

The best part is that to get this, it will only cost you an hour of your time for each new pupil but has the potential to earn you as much as £1300 over the course of 40 hours of driving lessons.

Would you be interested?


So here is how it works,

We do all the leg work, we advertise and source you customers, basically we take all the risk and costs out of risky advertising and fill your diary with ready to go pupils. We use our great collection of customer reviews and promises to gain trust with the customer, we paint our team of instructors as the best instructors available and in doing so demand a premium hourly rate for your time.

All of our driving lessons are a minimum of two hours and all you have to do is turn up and take the pupil on a driving lesson for two hours.

We will even pay you £25(M) - £30(A) for those two hours or in the case of a block booking £260(M) - £280(A) for 10 hours (first 2hrs or block only). 

This will give you the opportunity to meet and impress the customer with your coaching skills and retain them for further lessons. 

The only condition we insist upon is that

  1. You use one of our roof signs on your car whenever you are teaching a customer supplied by us, this helps rienforce the brand. 
  2. You keep your cloud based diary up to date so we can easily book in new customers for you in your free working slots.
  3. When a customer passes their driving test, that you take a photograph of the pupil next to the roof sign and send this to us.
  4. That you request a customer reviews from the pupil of yourself and allow us to use this to help you gain future work.
  5. You will uphold our expected standards agreement.

So how do we make this work for us?

We take all payments over the phone upon booking customers into your diary, no fee means no booking. We deduct a part of this fee for our services and pay you the remaining balance. So we only get paid if you get paid.

Example 1:

  • We will book the pupil in for 2 hour lesson and we charge them £65 for the lesson. We would then deduct £40 to cover our advertising and admin costs and pay you the remaining £25 directly into your bank.
  • You then turn up and teach the customer and if all goes well, book them in for further lessons, at this point the customer pays you £65 directly for the next 2 hour lesson and any lessons after that. 
  • If the customer comes back to us and isnt happy with their lesson and wants another instructor, we will refund you another £20 for your time taking you to £45 for the 2 hours given.

Example 2:

  • The new customer books and pays for 10 hour block, we will book all 10 hours into your diary if possible and charge them for the 10 hours. We would again take £40 from this block booking and pay you the balance say £260 direct to your bank account.

So you see, you will become part of our driving school with the back up and support that brings, and the best part is, you will only pay us if we can supply you with a customer who will be directly booked in by our customer service team and has fully paid for their lesson or block booking.