Intensive Course

Become part of our team

You will be delivering our intensive driving courses across your chosen area, the larger the area you want to cover then the greater amount of work you will receive but we only give you work in your preapproved areas.

Most of our intensive driving course instructors are usually booking courses 2-3 months in advance so this can be a really good way to have a full diary and make plans around your future work.

All courses run Monday to Friday between 9am to 4pm with two 30min breaks and we book the pupils driving test for the end of the final day.

When a customer calls us, our office team will use Q&A to determin what course best suits the customer and then take a deposit to sucure the course. We guarantee the customer their driving test on the final day of the courses and book and confirm this while they are still on the phone. We will not book an intensive driving course unless we have a driving test available and this why we book pupils into your diary months in advance.

We also make sure the customer understands that everyone learns at a different pace and it will be the instructors decision whether the pupil goes for test. We will back you if you unfortunately have to redraw the use of your training vehicle for test.

With this option the cost to you will always be zero, we dont charge you anything for being one of our intensive course instructors and we believe our hourly rates of pay are one of if not the best in the country. 

We will pay you directly for the course so there is no need for you to chase up the pupil, we do that for you and the pupil must pay for the full course no later than 4 weeks before the course starts so you can rest assured that unless we move or cancel the intensive course prior to these 4 weeks that you will still get paid. This offers you some security and allows you to plan your work and life ahead.

As we always aim to pay the very best rates, please get in touch for the latest hourly rate but as of 2020 our hourly rate for intensive courses was £28 per hour, so thats an income of £840.00 for a 30 hour working week without any of the hassle normally associated with a regular diary of pupils.